• 3D print
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12 weeks

Digital creation was a project I completed during my semester abroad at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. The project consisted of several subprojects and introduced me to 3D modelling and 3D printing. By experimenting and hands-on working sessions, I was introduced to 3D printing, discovering both its possibilities and limitations.

The aim of project 1 was to design a ‘New age seed’. Drawing inspiration from precedent images (both natural and man-made), I created several iterations of my new age seed. The final version was to be 3D printed, but stopped before it reached the final height, so that the skeleton and the process of the 3D print was revealed, with its support material and infill.
Project 2 was to design a light without using any support material. This time it was the aim to find the limit of the 3D printer, by trying different shapes and angles, to see where the print would collapse. Another aspect was the experimentation of how the light bounces off the curved surfaces, the effect of different materials (transparant vs wood) and making a print that consists of several separate parts. For project 3, I was allowed to use an advanced 3D printer which made it possible to use multiple materials of different flexibility in one print. The emphasis was put on the interaction possibilities of your print, that had both flexible as well as rigid parts. The interaction is best demonstrated in the video.