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8 weeks

On this page, the results of the course “Cardboard modelling” can be found.

The course “Cardboard modelling” focuses on prototyping with cardboard and foam core. Subjects which were covered during this course are for example acquiring basic skills in cardboard modelling, working with actuators in combination with foam core and creating rich interaction in prototypes.

I was surprised by the many different possibilities this material offers, from creating a simple cube to the ability to create curved shapes like a cylinder or truncated cone. Furthermore, I was stunned by how accurate you can work with foam core: seamless joints can be created, making it look very professional. The course taught me how to create joints, hinges, how to cut a circle, how to create an angled cut, how to mount motors, and how to delaminate foam core. Foam core modelling can also be used for doing explorations. The quality of these models can be decreased, since it will save time and still fulfills the purpose of testing or verifying an idea.

The videos at the bottom of the page show models with integrated electronics. The combination of programming, wiring and foam core is a great way to create interactive prototypes or demonstrators.

Watch the video

Watch the video