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12 weeks

On this page, the results of the course “Post-Production & Special Effects” can be found. I took this course in at Victoria University of Wellington and it focuses on video editing techniques and animation.

Project 3 – Scale
Scale. Scale is a project about contrasts. It shows the contrast between small and big. Micro versus macro. Reality versus unreality. Slow versus fast. Smooth versus rough. But above all, the video addresses the sense of scale. How small we are, how insignificant, like ants in a giant universe. Starting at a high level of detail, the video transforms and increases in size, ending with the large scale of the galaxy. The shots have gradual transitions between each theme, from abstract circles to hands, to nature, to the city, to landscapes and finally space.

It combines the presence of place, presence of moment and presence of aesthetics, and overall questions the significance of our presence. But while we may feel a sense of nullity, we can still find significance in the small details of everyday life. The presence of being on earth, being able to touch and hold. The touch of water, sand or grass. And whilst showing the vastness of the landscapes and mountain ranges, it also portrays the beauty of nature and Mother Earth.

Project 2 – Recipe Provider

The recipe provider is an interface that helps the user to choose a suitable recipe using the ingredients that are available in his house. It’s an AR interface displayed on or near the refrigerator, suggesting recipes based on the available ingredients in the fridge. The recipe provider is targeted towards people who have a hard time finding suitable recipes and are open to try out new things. It will also help using left overs and reduce food waste, since it will scan the fridge and suggest recipes that can be made using the ingredients present in the house. If the user has little time, he can choose for convenience by quickly looking at the preparation time and complexity of each recipe. The recipe provider will improve the overall cooking ritual. It adds diversity, creativity and an element of experimentation, hopefully making the cooking experience more pleasant and enjoyable.

Project 1 – Animation

This entailed the creation of an animation around the three brand pillars that represent me as a designer. I chose exploration, minimalism and innovation for my brand pillars, which show my style and vision on design.

Project 3

Project 2

Project 1