• Physical mock-up
  • Video
  • Report
16 weeks

Ready. Set. Glow. is the result of my first full-semester project.

It targets people with AD(H)D who lack structure in their morning ritual by providing guidance through their morning routine. The design consists of four objects, each representing a different room. In every room, one or several activities need to be carried out. When entering a room, the object in the room needs to be touched, and will light up the whole duration of the activity. As soon as it is time to move on to the next room/activity, the object will display a ‘wave pattern’  towards the next room. In this way, the user will be guided through their morning ritual, creating a more relaxed and efficient morning routine. After repeatedly using this product, people will become more independent from the product, as the ritual will become more of a habit.

See the video below for an explanation of the concept.