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16 weeks

This was a research project with the theme of ‘co-responsibility’. The abstract for our research paper best summarizes the research and can be found below.

The amount of people over 18 that are overweight rapidly increases[9]. One of the main causes is the eating behavior of people[4]. Students that are living on their own have a specifically bad eating behavior[7].
The purpose of this study is to explore how to stimulate co- responsible behavior with three students that are living together to eventually improve their eating behavior regarding fruit consumption. A combination of quantitative and qualitative data is collected in the four weeks of the experiment. The data is a combination of interviews, questionnaires and the data stored by our design.
The design we used to stimulate co-responsible behavior is called the Responsibowl. This is a fruit bowl that shows the division of each student’s fruit consumption. It should make the students more aware of each other’s fruit consumption and eventually stimulate them to prepare or offer fruit to each other, which is co-responsible behavior. The experiment lasted four weeks. Two weeks with a fruit bowl that would only light up when someone enters the kitchen (Responsibowl 1.0) and two weeks with a bowl that shows the fruit consumption division (Responsibowl 2.0).
The results of the experiment gives insights on new aspects that could influence co-responsibility. This creates opportunities for follow-up researches on for example different contexts (e.g. family households) and new designs.

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