• Physical product
  • Report
8 weeks
  • Award Nomination
  • C-IDEA Design Award 2019
  • Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020
  • Form Design Center Malmö

Liquid soap, which a lot of people use nowadays, comes in single- use plastic bottles. It is part of a linear system and has many poor qualities compared to solid soap bars. It has a 25% higher carbon footprint and consumes 5 times more energy in production and transportation. The soap comes in an unsustainable plastic bottle and furthermore contains a lot of chemicals. Next to this, research has shown that people use 30% more water when washing their hands with liquid soap.

SOAPED is a glass soap dish, promoting the use of solid soap bars, the green and eco-friendly choice. You can buy them either in loose pieces or recyclable cardboard packages. Soap bars often consist of natural ingredients like fats and plant oils. The organic shape of SOAPED visualizes the fluidity of glass in its liquid state. The ridges form a surface for the soap to lay on, allowing it to dry, and the grooves create a water drainage, directing the water back into the sink. The soap dish is designed to be placed on the edge of a sink or bathtub and due to the properties of glass as a material, is durable, easy to clean and can be used for many years. At the end of its life cycle the transparent glass can be recycled and used for creating new products. The dish is suitable for different kinds of soap shapes and sizes, and the lifted edges, ensure the soap will not slide off.