• Computer simulation
  • Physical mock-up
  • Report
4 weeks

The aim of this project was to create a computer simulation, freeze the simulation at one frame, export the model and 3D print the result. I used this project as an opportunity to design a new stool.

The simulation I created in Autodesk Maya was of a liquid draining through a drainer to create a stool with tall liquidy legs. The liquid viscosity was put quite high. Just slightly after it touched the ground plane, the sequence was stopped, thus creating little feet for the legs of the stool. Furthermore, I added a cylinder around the top of the stool, which lifted just before the simulation was finished, allowing the liquid to flow to the sides. This resulted in a splashy edge of the stool’s sitting surface. Besides that, I experimented with different shapes for the perforation pattern of the drainer and decided to go with a random asymmetrical pattern that fit well with the uniqueness of the stool (the pattern is visible on the top of the stool as little indents in the surface).