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16 weeks

Smart light systems like Philips Hue create the possibility for everyone to customize the light setting to what they desire. However, Philips Hue’s primary interaction is through an application, which makes adapting the light settings to your activity an unnecessary distraction. You have to open and focus on the app to change the lights to your liking.

We’ve designed SYNC, a smart light system that implicitly synchronizes the lighting to match your activity. Through machine learning, it will remember your preferred light setting for different activities, such as cooking, watching TV or hanging out with friends. When you don’t like the settings, you can squeeze the device: the lights start to change slowly at first, but the longer you hold the device, the more this change will accelerate. As soon as you release, the light setting of that moment will be used as your new lighting. If you like the light that you see, you can tell the system by stretching the “ears”. It will save the setting and the system will remember this for next time.